Midnight Storm

“Just a quick note to say how well the first big show went with our new PyroSure equipment. Two of us set up and programmed the system on site – yup show was picked beforehand and only programmed on the day, second show I had done and 1st time my crew chief had seen the system – under an hour to plug up and script a £5k, 60 cue show – not bad from a standing start. Delighted with how simple it is to lay out a module and just move the rails into a suitable position, with the expensive bit safely out of harms way on the end of 2m data cables – which incidentally we have bought in 6 colours – a 2meter cable if it was to get damaged is 45p to replace – want to buy some damaged multicores from our old system £130 each? We have found a nice clear box from Staples that holds 3 rail 8’s and a module with 6 of the 2m cables, so no damage worries. Have had PyroSure systems now since 2011, lovin’ it!” Colin McNair

Broken Anchor, 21st Century Fireworks

“This is our first year with PyroSure. It has turned out to be a fantastic decision.  The biggest display we ever fired was last November. The control position was changed at the last minute,  800m from the half of the product and the other half was on a barge, there was torrential rain during set up and strong winds, just as we were about to fire the mooring of the barge broke and it drifted half a mile. We just checked the communication was still there and pressed fire, it was perfect. I did not think it was going to be possible.  Now we can spread our pyro out over hundreds of metres, it does’t take any time at all to set shows up, the rail 8 are fantastic. I cannot wait to get a bigger system from you guys.” Paul Bowker

Knights of Fire

“Why PyroSure for Knights of Fire Firework? Technically advanced firing kit in a compact form, fully capable to fire displays of £500 or £50,000. Reliable wireless connection and ruggedness has allowed us to keep costs to a minimum whilst giving us a greater flexibility across our firing sites. Supported by industry show design software, ease of use, training, and PyroSure’s multiple function modes allow staff of varying skills to use. Vendor support, warranties and restricted firmware releases have all helped build confidence in the system.” Nicholas Chase

The Fireworkers

“We have been using PyroSure for more than 2 years, I fire more than 150 displays a year and I love the system. Everything is planned and as much preparation is carried out before hand as possible. Now it is a case of turning up at the display, laying everything out connecting the system and waiting around to fire. It’s so quick to set up I can now fire more than one display a night. That includes musical displays.” Sally Bates.

Southport Pyromusical Competition, Jonathans Fireworks.

“We used PyroSure for the 1st time to fire our competition display. I was really nervous. However set-up was so simple we were ready hours before anyone else. The firing site was split between two sites and I was worried that there was no line of sight for communications. Everything tested 1st time, continuity testing was perfect so much so that we disconnected a cue just to put my mind at ease. Every e-match fired as intended and the music sound quality was perfect. I am getting more modules, this system is superb.” Jonathan Young

Extra FX

“We have used our PyroSure System since 2011. As a result we have been able to take on extra work where firing locations have been really difficult. We can carry out  masses of preparation for the displays and as a result every show has been stress free, indoors and out. I cannot recommend this system enough.” Dan Bryant

PyroSure at -20 celsius in Onion Lake Saskatchewan

“In our region -20 is fairly common in the winter. It gets colder but -20 is pretty cold to be outside. Normally equipment fails and cables are brittle. We got some bad luck and tonight it was about -20, before the wind chill. We used three controllers, each shooting three e-match off of each cue. Every cue fired and every cake lit. It was a spectacular 293 seconds. So if you have someone asking about cold weather performance, it worked for us.” John Adria

Standard Fireworks Guernsey

“I do have to say the level of service which I received was out of this world from you guys, I have to say a big thank you. We are now into our third year with PyroSure and I am over the moon with the system. I would recommend the PyroSure system to anyone and I have said so on the forums here in the UK.” Carl Armitage

Neon Pyrotechnics

“We have been using the PyroSure system now for over a year and are over the moon with it. It has been used in rain and sun with no problems. The interface with Finale Fireworks is very well thought out and firing scripts only take a few minutes to program in the Semi-Auto mode. This is great if a few changes need to be made on site. I must admit that I was a bit worried about battery consumption but the system works just fine on recommended AA’s. The system was on for 2 hours prior to firing time the other night and the transmitter batteries were still fine to fire the show. The modules batteries can easily fire several shows. Overall we are very happy with PyroSure and can’t think of a similarly priced system that offers so much! You guys are always available for technical help and the service is second to none.” James Milner

Sound, Light & Magic

“At Sound, Light & Magic we utilise the PyroSure wireless system in both Module and Module-24 formats for firing theatre pyrotechnics as well as live firework productions.The modular format of the system was a great attraction to us and has proved helpful in reducing our setup times on site. We’ve also had no wireless performance issues – even in the oldest stone buildings within which we work (an area where other systems have let us down)! The facilities available with the system for its price made it a good contender in our evaluation of firing systems and in the end became the reason for it’s selection as our main firing system. In the odd event that there are issues with the system, technical support is second to none and quick to respond – always a plus in these situations. We are extremely pleased with the performance, feature set and ruggedness of the system and would have no hesitation in recommending to other pyrotechnic operators!” Scott McGurk

StarLite Pyrotechnics Ltd

“The equipment worked flawlessly on all three of our shows (2 of which were 20 minute pyro-musical displays) and the shows fired to perfection. AND – as if that isn’t enough, we achieved 100% on the first try which still astounds me!”

Aurora Fireworks

“I cannot begin to explain how much time this system saves me, nearly all my shows are choreographed to music and the benefit is extra revenue for less work, time after time and all I need is a couple of speakers.”

Pirotecnia Turis S.L.

“We want to thank you for you invaluable cooperation in the XXXII International Fireworks Festival, Valencia. At the same time, we can certify that Pyrosure is a magnificent firing system. It has met all of our requirements – all year we have fired really big shows – it is perfect every time.”

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