PyroSure Modules are compact and manufactured in extruded aluminium. Each module communicates with the Controller, stores information and processes commands. It has one function, to gather information on up to 24 cues and fire them exactly when required. In doing so, in the background, it relays information for up to 98 other modules in the network.

  • The LED display screen provides information on signal strength, battery power and available / connected cues
  • Cue continuity can be checked simply by turning the module on which sends a 2 mah current through every port
  • A temporary loss of signal will not affect the functioning of this self contained unit and is detectable by the Controller
  • Power is supplied by only 4 AA 2000 mah rechargeable batteries providing hours of operating time. Embracing the latest engineering designs has allowed us to have this function, a massive lead acid is simply no longer a site requirement
  • 3 x 18000 uf capacitors are used to provide the fire power, producing 60 amps at 30v
  • Each port can fire hundreds of standard igniters in one hit, upscaling to allow any module to fire many thousands of such igniters in one display across the 24 cues
  • Accuracy of timings for firing cues is provided MOSFET switches. Every port has an individual power circuit, each controlled by a further master circuit
  • Pulse time is fully automated from a standard 80 ms down to 10 ms when the time between cues in one module is as short as 0.01 second
  • Each Module has cue addresses in 6 groups of 4 connectors A(1-4) – F(1-4)
  • Programming a Module is simply done by the main Controller unit transmitting a set of instructions in milliseconds. Confirmation from the Module that it has received the instructions is available


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