Tested by the Canadian Government Explosives Research Laboratory, SFI electrical connectors have been approved for shipping and storage while attached to CAT 3 and 4 display fireworks.

Updated in 2010 with a secondary heating coil and protective coating, SFI are completely reliable and a viable alternative to pyrogen Igniters. SFI are also exempt from the forthcoming requirements of CE marking within the European Union.

SFI are easy to install to quick match in a virtually risk free environment. Many Companies are changing to this innovative and reliable pyrogen free igniter.

SFI contain no pyrogen material yet burn at 1200 celsius. No risk from static, compression or friction.

Tried and tested on all leading firing systems, perfectly suited to choreographed shows.

How To Use Solar Flare Igniters

  1. Make a straight cut on quick match. Create a space between black match and paper cover. DO NOT insert clip between two layers of paper. Insert the lower jaw of the igniter between paper and black match.
  2. Ensure the black match is in direct contact with internal green PCB. Slide the Quick match over lower jaw of clip until fully seated against shoulder. Do not close by squeezing end of clip. 
  3. Hold clip firmly and squeeze where PCB is visible as indicated locking each side in turn 1 then 2.

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