The Module-24 combines a wireless module and 24 cues within an ABS case. The unit has an LED display to check power level, signal strength and cue information. Cat 5 terminals are supplied in each group of 4 cues to connect a Rail-8 or to plug in a strip of flat cable SSI. The Module-24 is powered using 4 x AA HR 6 rechargeable batteries (1900 mAh and above recommended). A USB power connection is available within the battery box to supply 5 volts of power from a portable or 110/240 supply. Many USB portable power banks have cut off point below 100 mah. As a result external power supplies with an on / off switch should be used.

  • Additional Features:
  • Solid copper spring loaded terminals
  • Capacitor Discharge at 30v with a peak of 80 amps
  • Wago brand nylon connectors with high grade stainless steel spring holding mechanism

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