PyroSure Controller 2

A radical redesign, powerful & professional, yet keeping simplicity in mind

Built for rigid environments

The PyroSure Digital Controller is housed in a rugged, heavy duty ABS case with a solid aluminium control panel with a water resistant seal. Be it a thunderstorm or direct sun exposure, it can be used with ease.

Dual Connectivities

Switch easily between CANBUS and reliable wireless transmission

Effortless Control, Double Your Efficiency

No more confusing tablet apps & countless buttons. PyroSure's high quality built-in touch screen allows full control with an easy to use interface

Clear Actions

You will love it once you power it on

Easy to use

Intuitive UI, guided through all screens

Super Fast

A custom designed operating system to give you the most responsive & reliable system

Intelligent system

The PyroSure 2 Controller is equipped with a built-in wi-fi module, this allows the whole system to support automatic software updates when you connect online. With newly developed functions, this makes your devices even better overtime.

Secure Transmission, Worry-free Experience

The network set-up process automatically scans 12 channels to avoid interference. Each channel has 65,000 network addresses available, the controller will find the most clean band frequency.
With fully encrypted transmission, the controller is capable of delivering data packages way beyond the requirement of a firing system.

Reliable Wireless

PyroSure uses one of the most advanced chips in the communications industry. All wireless modules are connected using the MESH Network. Each module will also communicate between modules ensuring quality. In ideal conditions, it has a range of up to 2km using line of sight.

The Quality You Can Trust

with PyroSure's attention to detail

CANBUS Support

We added CANBUS function into the PyroSure 2 system. You can now enjoy the reliable wired connection up to 10km away.

Industry Standard Security

An updated German-made ARM key & redesigned emergency stop button gives a more reliable experience.

Premium Panasonic Battery Pack

PyroSure 2 uses four Panasonic 18650 li-ion batteries, the same type found in a Tesla Model-S. A total of 12800mAh gives 12 hours operating time & 40 hours stand by. You can also connect to the 5V charger for unlimited use time.

Stereo Music Output

The PyroSure 2 features left & right mini jack plugs for stereo music output & a built in 2 watt speaker for editing. Wav files are supported.

"...Technically advanced firing kit in a compact form, fully capable to fire displays of £500 or £50,000. Reliable wireless connection and ruggedness has allowed us to keep costs to a minimum whilst giving us a greater flexibility across our firing sites... "

Wireless Modules

The PyroSure 2 System offers two firing module models. You can choose & easily customise the functionalities of each to suit your requirements.


Rails can be submerged in water and will not affect the performance. However, continuity checks are not possible when submerged.

Performance has been verified at 20m using cable with copper cores. It is possible to have longer cables but individual cable types should be tested.

No, PyroSure has 12 channels to select from. The Controller scans all channels to select an energy free frequency before establishing a secure personal network.

No, the network is secure and every component has a unique address used to receive signals. However mobile phones operate between 900-1800 Mhz

It’s unlikely that similar equipment will cause interference. However if it does, simply switch off your equipment and re-start the controller. It will find a clean channel and set up a new network.

No, the network requirement is that at least one module be visible to the controller. However, time permitting, simply raise all of the modules off the ground. Rail 24 are 700 mm in length , if they are secured in a vertical position it will greatly increase visibility and range.

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