How can you use a Cat 5 cable in wet conditions when everyone knows they are not reliable?

  • PyroSure does not use CAT5 cable for communication, the cables are used for delivering a power to the Igniters. Water will not affect power delivery.

Do I have to use CAT 5 cable?

  • PyroSure offer a module with an integrated 24 cue rail. It is manufactured from 1.5 mm sheet stainless steel. Igniters are connected directly to the rail so Cat 5 cables are not required.

Will the Cat 5 connectors rust?

  • The cats 5 connections used in PyroSure are gold plated to 6U standard and will not corrode.

What if I get the Cat 5 cable covered in mud?

  • Wash the connector with water or simply clean with a brush as you would with any connector type.

I’ve heard that the PyroSure rails can be fired in water, is that true?

  • Rails can be submerged in water and will not affect the performance. However continuity checks are not possible when submerged.

What is the maximum length of cable that can be used?

  • Performance has been verified at 20m using cable with copper cores. It is possible to have longer cables but individual cable types should be tested.

Many of my displays are carried out at hotels, will the 2.4 ghz frequency used get interference form WiFi stations?

  • No PyroSure has 12 channels to select from. The Controller scans all channels to select an energy free frequency before establishing a secure personal network.

Is it true that mobile phones can interfere with 2.4 ghz equipment and cause cues to fire?

  • No, the network is secure and every component has a unique address used to receive signals. However, mobile phones operate between 900-1800 Mhz.

What if someone else is using equipment at 2.4 ghz will it interfere?

  • It is unlikely that similar equipment will cause interference. If it does, simply switch off your equipment and re-start the controller. It will find a clean channel and set up a new network.

How would I know if there was interference?

  • Modules would not be able to transmit in the network and a fault would be indicated.

I know that communication is based on line of sight, does every module need to be visible to the controller?

  • No, the network requirement is that at least one module be visible to the controller. However, time permitting, simply raise all of the modules off the ground. Rail 24 are 700 mm in length , if they are secured in a vertical position then it will greatly increase visibility and range.

How can 4 AA batteries power a module and fire cues?

  • Components used in the controller have extremely low power ratings, a set of rechargeable batteries can fire several shows. The average power consumption is 125 ma.

How can 4 AA batteries produce 30 v and 60 amps of current?

  • PyroSure uses 3 super efficient capacitors each at 18000 uf which when charged can produce the stated power.

My engineer says 4 batteries cannot charge 3 capacitors?

  • Our capacitors can be charged several hundred times from one set of batteries.

Are 4 AA batteries enough to fire an entire show?

  • 4 AA batteries can fire several shows depending on how long they are operating each time.

How many times do the capacitors need to be charged for each show?

  • Once only for 24 cues. In certain circumstances where thousands of igniters are connected to a module then the capacitors would require to be recharged.

I need the system to operate in freezing conditions, with AA batteries, will it operate in winter?

  • Pyrosure have AA rechargeable batteries available that are rated and tested at -20.

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